Sasha Clark goes to Morocco

Sasha Clark ’18 spent her summer interning in Ifrane, Morocco with an organization called the Greenside Development Foundation. Her service internship was arranged through America’s Unofficial Ambassadors. In a blog post reflecting on her experience Sasha writes:

Maybe the reason that I could not sleep on my flight to Morocco was because I did not expect to be able to order food in Darija [Moroccan Arabic], or I feared that I would not be able to make friendships and relationships with people I could barely communicate with. Now, I can hold conversations with locals I meet at work, in a restaurant, or at the market. I have made friendships with people I can only slightly communicate with. I did not expect to be moved as much as I have been by the genuine level of human kindness people have for one another here.

Sasha received support from the Global Studies program to fund her travel to Morocco.

Congratulations Sasha and welcome back!